With millions of daily users, Twitter can be a powerful tool to raise awareness about your business, engage with customers and develop leads. Setting up a Twitter for Business profile is simple, but just like a muscle, it needs to be used regularly to be most effective. Understanding how to navigate Twitter for your business can go a long way in growing the brand. This article is written specifically for business owners or their marketing and communications teams who are interested in learning how best to use this popular social media site as an integral part of their strategy.

The Parts Of A Twitter Profile

You may utilize the same five guidelines to better your Facebook page, another social media platform with a self-sustaining ecosystem. Your Twitter profile consists of your Twitter handle, username, biography, header image, and pinned tweet. All of these elements should be used in conjunction to accurately represent your company.

First, let’s look at how to best utilize your Twitter handle. You should always use a business email address or phone number when creating an account on any social media platform for professional purposes. In addition, you will want to make sure it is short and easy to spell/memorize. If you do not have a brand name, simply use your business’s initials with the Twitter handle ending in “biz.” For example @AmandaKSmithBiz or @AMANDAksmith.

Next up is how to build out your profile and how it should be used as an extension of what people will see on other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Your bio section should contain about 150 characters that summarize who you are and what makes your company unique from others in its field. You can include relevant keywords here if they fit within this word count limit, but only if it adds value to the description of your brand/business without sounding spammy or unnatural (we don’t want bots finding us).

How Can Businesses Benefit From Using Social Media?

Small or large, social media is useful for any business. It covers a wide range of customers and promotes your company’s message.

Use hashtags to your advantage

Your Twitter bio should contain an adequate amount of hashtags that are relevant to your company. If you’re in the travel industry, for instance, then including #travel and #tourism could be beneficial to how many people find you on search engines or how many searches you have under a specific category.

Include links on tweets

Tweets can also include links from websites such as Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., so long as they add value to what you’re trying to say. For example, if someone is tweeting about how much they love ice cream sandwiches but doesn’t link this tweet with their Facebook page where anyone can look up more information on them/their business – it’s to lose its effectiveness.

The Top Of How To Use Twitter For Business

With Twitter, the possibilities are endless. With over 310 million active users on monthly basis, there’s no telling how many people will see your tweet or message if you’re using it correctly. If done incorrectly though, this could lead to serious consequences – so before getting started on how to use Twitter for business, make sure that you know what type of social media presence is best suited for you and how much time you can dedicate towards engaging with others via tweets daily. It may take some practice at first but once mastered, anyone has the potentials to become successful in their career!